All The Stars

… and flowers and kittens and other good shit. (I hope you’re not allergic)

When I go to Japan I hope I don’t end up staying in a cursed house – I ain’t tryin’ a fuck with no rageful spirits and I don’t want them fuckin’ with me!

This weekend is a Lyrid meteor shower from the Lyra constellation – tonight is to be a good night to watch from where I am but I’m also in a pretty light-polluted area so … we’ll see (or not). Maybe Animal Crossing will have lots of falling stars for me.


Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.
Save it for a rainy day.


I can’t remember what that’s from

If you need falling stars I have lots and I don’t mind sharing. I keep them separate from the monkey wrenches so they don’t get contaminated and you don’t have to save them for rainy days, you can wish and get stuff whenever you want. However, you can’t just wish and forget it you gotta wish and work for it – the stars make it easier to get what you want if it’s good stuff – you can’t use them to get away with murder or shoplifting or other major/misdemeanour offences and stars are also not good for fence-sitting offences (which are the worse kind of crimes.)

You’re too old for Instagram.
Why don’t you use Facebook or something!

Dre told me yesterday that.

He’s funny and sarcastic – made me lol. FYI: The only reason I got Facebook was so I could use Tinder back in the day circa 2015 – that was the only way to sign up. Back to my story … I can’t remember what I said beforehand but two people DMed me about posting poems on their site and at first I was like oh, that sounds good but then they said I had to pay which immediately put my antlers up.

As much as I want to grow, I want my growth to be organic, if that makes sense. I don’t want to pay. I want people to genuinely love my random shit and my poems and my short stories and my microbursts and my photos and my art and whatever else I decide to sink my elbows into.

It would have been different if they contacted me and just wanted to repost a poem because they loved something I posted. There seem to be lots of aggregate sites that post other people’s work but I’m not paying – at least not yet – I don’t feel desperate for followers and likes (I don’t know if that will change with time – I hope I am never desperate for anything. ever!)


Grow a pair
do, do, do, do, do, do
Grow a pair


I didn’t go on my artist date today, mainly because of the weather but I planned on going to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). According to my Google Maps Timeline, I was there four years ago. They have lots of free shows but I am most interested in their outdoor augmented reality exhibit, Seeing the Invisible. You should go too!

Hell to the Yeah! (but I already knew that. Do you?)

Matt made sloppy joes yesterday – I will have some for dinner – Thank you, baby!

Sat Apr 22, 2023

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