Courage and the Artist

I learned that there is no expectation of privacy in public spaces. However, if someone asks why I am taking a photo, I must be transparent by showing current work and possibly sharing my QR code. 🙂 I’m obsessed with that code for some reason – I’m gonna make copies and plaster it everywhere. Also, if they want me to delete the pic, I should, no matter how much I love it.

If I ever get the courage to go to an event – I can quickly pull up my QR code for folks to scan.

APB for Courage Williams! 
Issuing a BOLO for Courage Williams! 
Amber Alert for Courage Williams! 
Where you at woman? 


SQL has reentered my life, and so has a cold. As I’m sure you can imagine, SQL is more fun. I always viewed a database table as those amusement park machines where you have to maneuver the arm to get your prize. In the entire database, those machines are lined and stacked – when you write your wish on a piece of paper, insert it into a magic slot, then a database elf collects all the data, puts it in one of those shipping containers and drops it on your head. 

Database elves are like Christmas elves but way smarter and more muscular cause them gotta clean n’ jerk shipping containers. You could think of them as personal shoppers – tell them what you like, and they bring it for you to try on. Of course you gotta try on data! I remember select * from, join (for joining tables), and a way of searching for table names, so you know what tables to look in to get your data. And also Fetch. Now I am relearning on my own – no devs/BAs to help me.

As for the transformation course, I’m proceeding slowly because I don’t want to finish it before I have the money to pay for the second one. I forget things and these courses build on each other.

trying to draw the photo made me feel better – all is not lost!

Paint on polaroid – NEAT! When I went to MoMA, could have been somewhere else, an artist used makeup as their medium – lipstick and eyeshadow mostly.

Today I wondered if I had known about data analysis in early 2000 when I decided to be a project manager if I’d have gone that route instead. No regrets – I’ve learned lots – met lots of people, a few I still talk to now.

 Ultimately, project management as a skill is invaluable, personally and professionally. It is also inescapable. Transformations occur one project at a time, and data analysis that helps provide insights and drive business decisions also uses projects AND projects are the adhesive that ensures strategy gets implemented. 

And wrapped up in all of that are OKRs – the transformation course even talks a bit about them … I was like, “What! No way! Sweet” 

Everyone would benefit from understanding project management principles. IMO – and you don’t have to be a PM to do so.

🎶 It’s the Itchy, Scratchy show! 🎶

Wed Nov 09, 2022

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