Journal Entry – Thu Sep 17

Is it Friday yet?

You should read

I have two lottery tickets sitting on my desk, they are almost a year old. Suppose I’m a multi-millionaire!? I will still talk to you because I love you 🙂

I had my 1:1 with Paul today but his baby wouldn’t settle down for a nap, so he kept having to call me back. She is sooooooo cute. Her cheeks are huge. I can’t wait to see her in person. Our sharing of OKRs went really well today. The exec team got together and stated objectives and rationale. I have to put everything in a deck for presentation to the board.

My PMP cert is suspended – I have one stupid PDU left to earn. I went to an organizational agility virtual conference on Sep 9, so hopefully soon those PDUs will hit my account. I feel like if there is one PDU outstanding I should get a pass – I earned 59 out of 60 common!

I think I want to get my Portfolio Management cert next but I need another two years of experience. I really like talking strategy and I will get to help out on the contracting phase of the next project. I’m super duper excited – I just keep learning shit 🙂 Our CFO will educate me with every change he gets – I really appreciate that.

OMG – today was the first day of class – Matt, my 14 yo, got up on his own, did his thing and left the house within the hour. André, my 17 yo, required several nudges and shoves and pep talks and ass kicks – more than three hours later, he was out the house and I was feeling stressed. At least he went to school.

Dear Personal Jesus:

Are you even there? Can you make all the good stuff from Matt rub off on André please? And please keep reminding them of the importance of showers and the use of deodorant – I’m tired.

In anticipation of your cooperation, thank you very much


This morning I thought DJ was dead. Normally when I turn on the tank light he starts swimming up to get his food. He was upside down in the corner of the tank and wouldn’t move. I even tapped on the tank which I never do, I was so worried – he’s such an entertaining fish, I want him to have a long life. I was feeling sad thinking for sure he died this time. He’s fine, I guess it just took him some extra minutes to wake up. Do fish sleep like people? A Dojo Loach can live for seven to ten years and grow up to 12 inches.

The entire family has fun watching him do his thing. Sometimes he spazzes and swims around the tank like something is chasing him and he will knock down the thermometer and the other things I have to monitor the water. I am still looking for a larger tank – I haven’t found one I really love yet, mainly it’s the design of the cabinets that I don’t like and I can’t buy just any cabinet cause as soon as you put water in the tank it gets really heavy.

My girlfriend told me I should turn my notifications back on for Whatsapp – I said no. I figure if someone really wants to talk to me and see how I am doing cause they are concerned cause they haven’t heard from me then they will call, and if they are lucky I will answer.

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