Shy Slightly

I had a dream I went out
To dance, scream and shout

But before I could start
An observation broke my heart

Oh woe is me - legs stubbly
How can this be

Celebration overcast
Unshaved legs - aghast

Damn it! Disgust
Leave here - I must

To the pharmacy post haste
Gillette - life saved

Now I'm gliding
Smooth sailing

Yes! All is right
Stuntin' airtight

Me and my girls - Hype!
Dancing on the floor
Maniacs galore
Hair overflowing
You should shave before going
But if that's your thing
Bypass it and sing

I wanna be hair free

Woke up this morning and remembered my dream – was out somewhere and noticed my legs were crazy hairy – like I was a werewolf or something. I was freaking out. Decided to write about it.


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