My TaDa List

I call it my TaDa list because I can make items appear, disappear and reappear. Although I slept unlike a log, I crossed two things off the list and met my deadlines. Woohoo! The deck will reappear for revisions most likely, but that’s alright; I have a few days.

The Boy rolls up in my room, “Mom, I really want a girlfriend!”

“Is that so! Fix your shit first!”

“Yeah. Yeah.” He says, smiling.

“Don’t look for nobody to complete you. Complete yourself.”

He agrees and says, “That’s why I don’t have a girlfriend yet.”

As much as I would like to get rid of The Boy, I cannot pawn him off to some unsuspecting young lady. Then she’ll wanna run away from home. 🙂

Atom is installed on the Mac and I need to get my old assignments over. Damn it – I just realized I got used to the touch screen on my Lenovo Yoga. It’s perfect for quickly zooming in and out and moving around a document. Oh well, having a separate laptop for personal stuff prevents me from working when I am not supposed to be.

Inspired and partially traced, from a pic I found on Google. I was attracted to the photo for its simplicity.

I forgot to put my koala on the backwards upside-down Nike pic I made yesterday. Today is another one of those days where I feel very fortunate and grateful. Thank you!

And they lived happily ever after. The end!

Wed Jan 12, 2022

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