Not In The Woods

If anyone invites you to a remote cabin, don’t go. I don’t care what they say, remote cabins never have happy endings. If you’re lucky, you’ll make it out alive but all your friends will be dead.

I am tired and happy. Today I walked a lot:

  • from Dee’s place to work = 3.86k
  • from work to Pape station = 6.12k

Bossman shared his lunch with me – steak and salad. I took a few pics while walking about but them not so great, maybe I will share tomorrow. My second favourite used bookstore is still where it was and I guess now it’s my first favourite because my first, first favourite closed.

Yesterday I got to see Dee’s office and meet her boss. By 5:00 pm we walked to the Eaton’s Center then went home and had Happy Burger for dinner. Mia was following me around and playing with the straps on my backpack.

I have another invention idea better than my fridge which operates like a book. Ready …

A rearview night vision mirror for walking. You mount it on your shoulders and that way no one can sneak up and bash your head or put a chloroform cloth over your breathing apparatuses. (I will try to draw for you what I see).

That’s all she wrote!

That’s what she said!

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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