Scene Inside an Elevator (CW2-2015)

Prompt: Describe a scene inside an elevator.

Jack and Marjorie have been working 12-16 hr days all week to finish plans for an extension to the ROM. As they board the elevator Marjorie exclaims, “I’m so tired!”

“I’m not.” Jack says as he pushes the button to P4. “I’m gonna go home and play GTA”

“Seriously Jack? I don’t know how yo …” Before Marjorie could finish her her sentence, Jack had his hand around her neck. With the other hand he placed a rag over her face. When she stopped struggling, he undressed her, raped her brutally and stabbed her several times, almost severing her head.

He got up. Stood back and admired his work.

Serial killers have day jobs too.

NOTE: This is from my creative writing class in 2015, unedited. Reading it now, it sounds horrible, so violent. I guess that’s from my love of true crime.

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