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Did I ever tell you I got to do some copywriting work at work – well I wrote what I wrote back in 2019 but it’s actually gonna be used now which feels really great. BTW if I don’t find a part-time job to supplement my income I’m gonna go back to doing sex work outta my apartment. When I create my ad I will share it with you.

Yuka App

I’ve been scanning food and cosmetic products like crazy.

Dee told me about it last year sometime and I kept forgetting the name but now I have it and I love how you can read all about the ingredients – what’s hazardous and what’s not AND it gives you recommendations on similar related products that have a better rating.

For example – my fav soda (Pepsi also got zero). The hazardous substance in this case is sodium benzoate – used as a preservative.

Matt’s birthday passed recently and he’s been asking me to have a party. At first I was ok with it until I asked him, “How many people you want to invite?” Now when I asked this question I’m thinking he’s gonna say three to five people. His response …


The boy must have lost his damn mind. Twenty people in this apartment! WTF! At first I told him I’d think about it; in hindsight I should have said no right off and ended the convo but because I said what I said that gave him hope. We had a couple of discussions back and forth where I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that many people in the apartment.

They might be his friends but they are strangers to me and my home is my sanctuary even when sex working (I’m good at compartmentalizing). Anyhow, I finally told him no yesterday and he was pissed. But you can find other ways to celebrate your birthday.

Why is everything
the end of the world with teenagers?


He walked off and slammed his bedroom door. I can only take so much attitude in a 24hr period, he’s talking to me today, sorta, so that’s good.

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