Jul 5 to 7 – Journal Entry

OMG – It’s Jul 7, and I realized I didn’t write anything in journal entries.

Jul 5: I feel shitty like I have no purpose. No inspiration. I can’t even write. šŸ˜¦ I stare at my Writing Down the Bones book, I know I am supposed to write but nothing is coming.

Jul 6: Meh! I really didn’t want to work today I just overdid everything – overdrinking, overthinking, overeating, overworking. I managed to squeeze out ONE poem for Sue’s word prompt – it’s just ok.

Jul 7:

After work I decided to watch Napoleon Dynamite to get myself out of the funk I’m in again. (I think it is working). There’s a pattern to my funk (I should track it in a spreadsheet). Napoleon’s drawings are almost as bad as Charlie’s in Hereditary. Hunting wolverines in Alaska with a 12 gauge shotgun is on my bucket list (I’m serious!) My mini list of Dynamite stuff: 

That super long exhale - when he calls home to get picked up from school, after being bullied.
Only to find out from Kip that grandma can't get him cause she is getting her hair done.Ā 
"Can you bring me my chapstick?"
"No Napoleon."
"But my lips hurt real bad."
Rex Kwon Do
When Lyle, the farmer, shoots the cow right when the school bus drives up.
All the kids start screaming (that's not funny but it makes me laugh.)
Time travel crystals. 

I find this movie endearing. Everyone I know hates it so I always watch alone, loling and rewinding. Every part makes me laugh. At the same time, there are so many layers of complexity – stereotyping, bullying, homophobia … but in the end, Napoleon is a great friend – and we all need those.

“Wanna play me?”

šŸŽµ”Nothing left for me to do but dance, off these bad times I’m going through … off the nasty things that people say, just dance … šŸŽµ – Canned Heat by Jamiroquai

I have to go into the office tomorrow – We rent space from Regus and my boss wants a second window office. Right now we have one window and one windowless.

Written: 07.07.2020 at ~ 8:00 pm

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