Colour IDing Monet’s Water Lilies

Video game day – Dre said watching me play is painful. I told him, “Brah! I used to play Mortal Kombat.”

He looks at me, astonished. “I can’t imagine that!”

I also did a few gesture drawings and colour IDing, and I napped. I read somewhere that Dali would nap with something in his hand, and when it fell, he’d jump up and start painting whatever was in his head.

Waterlilies or The Water Lily Pond – Claude Monet – 1904

Monet would work on a painting for half an hour and as the light changed, he’d switch out the canvas he was working on for another, frantically trying to find the one that best matched what he was currently seeing. He complained, “It’s a continual torture to me!” … Ever self-critical, he was known to slash his paintings with a knife when he feared he had overworked them.


I’m gonna get a few canvases with different mediums just to get a feel for the real thing vs using Procreate. Depending on the chosen brush, oil, ink, watercolour or pencil, you have to use the Apple Pencil differently to apply the colours so I’d like to know what real oil is like and other mediums I don’t normally use.

Monet isn’t one of my favourite artists, but this painting is good practice.

Work tomorrow – and Tuesday is an important day, AND I need to get back to my org transformation course this week. I should have been done already! I will probably be in the office Wed and Thu because Tue and Fri I have physio – I rarely go to the office on Fridays anyway.

I didn’t get any horror movies in; I should be able to finish one or two before bed. Goodbye! 🙂

Sun Oct 23, 2022

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