Keep Up with the Upkeep

I identify as Japanese!

AND … I still do not have my anger under management. (more on that later). I felt ready to write again for a few days but kept putting it off. I could very much go for a bag of Ruffles Regular Potato Chips right now.

The other weekend I spent time with Dee, Reactine and Mia – my cat grandbaby. She’s so much fun. I used to want a cat when I was younger but I am allergic. My interactions with Mia got me thinking about it again, BUT I am not going to do anything impulsive. I promise!!!

Introducing … Mia

I decided I will be in the office three days a week – Tue to Thu – and I will get off at Bloor station and walk for thirty minutes both ways. I prefer to walk, up/down Bay St. rather than Yonge, it’s way less crowded. Remember how I was all annoyed at Bossman about the couch, well … the office looks great now and I plan to get a beige area rug and we have to hang all the pictures to finish it off.

Yay, Sofa!

My desk is on your left and we have a cute round table for lunchtime gatherings over on the right side, a bit opposite the couch. BTW: Eating lunch with those guys isn’t gonna work for me. I still want to eat when I get home even though I don’t plan to during the day. I will have to skip lunch and eat at night as usual or … I’ll figure it out 🙂

Last week Thursday I was so sleepy when I got home, but I didn’t want to go to bed too early so I ended up rearranging the living room and my bedroom – all my work shit is back outside. I’m happy about that, the less I do in my bedroom the better for me. Haven’t noticed a difference in my sleep yet but it’s only been a few days. Sometimes I leave my phone in the living room. Also, I been thinking about just chillin’ here for a long time, even after the boys move out because the balcony is huge and I have three bedrooms or will have three rooms. Everything is just ridiculously expensive in Toronto.

I don’t need a lot of space but I like having a lot of space (to myself), so until I change my mind I will make one room my home office with a sofa bed for guests (one night only sleepovers then you gotta go, except for dad). Although dad’s having the time of his life with his girlfriend in Montreal. 💖


Holy fuckin’ shit yo! I had a doc appointment at 2:30 pm last Wednesday, or sometime recently. Tell me why the fuck am I still sitting in the waiting room at 3:20 pm. Why!!!

I finally get in to meet her at 3:45 pm and I’m pissed. My hair has burst into flames and I’m spittin’ lava.

“Hi, Samantha. How are you doing?”

“Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me! Do I look like I’m doing alright? You tell me!?” By now her desk and the examination table are on fire and shit’s smokin’ all over the place.

“We don’t tolerate abusive or untoward behaviour at …”

“Abuse! You know what’s abuse! Me waiting for your ass for over an hour. If you can’t see me till 3:45 pm why the fuck you gave me a 2:30 pm appointment?” Now alarms are going off and I can hear them evacuating the building. And I’m upset with myself cause now I gotta wait even longer to get my shit looked after.

Anyway … they are relocating the employees and it will be about six months before my doctor’s office can move back into the building and been charged with arson but since it was an accident cause I can’t control my powers I got two years probation.

I have another story to tell you about my Apple Watch but it will have to wait until next time.

BTW: I wrote a poem that sucks, but I will still publish it anyway cause I said I wouldn’t consor myself. And finally, in case you are wondering I did pee on the couch and the throw pillows. Jer and Bossman don’t seem to mind so it’s all good.

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