Apr 5 – Journal Entry

Spiffed up the balcony, intend to work outside as the days get warmer, maybe even do some yoga. Still have a ways to go but it’s coming along.

My Balcony

Ventured out to the local drug mart. We used to be able to walk through the mall but can’t anymore. I spot an old guy slowly making his way around the east side of the mall. I decide to go west. 

Why is the bubble tea shop still open? It’s unbelievable – the parking lots are empty. Someone in a hoodie is using the space to run – Who does he think he is, Rocky? Just before hitting the drug mart, I see the liquor store and smile. Should I? … No! Keep walking.

I needed makeup. Lipstick and mascara mainly. Body lotion, shampoo, conditioner. Ooh, what’s this? Cocokind mymatcha all-over moisture stick. In the cart you go. 

On my way back, I decided to stop in at the neighbourhood grocer. Wow! It’s packed. I thought about leaving but decided to forge ahead (please don’t judge me.) From now on, though, I will stick to weekday visits, fewer people. 

I grab what I need and head to the checkout. Move back bitch! God! Can you not see the stickers on the floor or hear the constant social distancing reminders over the loudspeaker. Jesus!

This pandemic gives new meaning to the song Don’t Stand So Close To Me, by The Police.

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