Sofa Sorrow

My creativity broke with my arm. Good news: I don’t need arm surgery but …

Bossman’s all obsessed about getting a sofa for the office and it’s annoying as shit. Shopping for furniture hurts my belly and I’m sick of this fuckin couch that we don’t even have yet. I hope we end up with a fabric seating area and when I see it, I will projectile vomit up all my stress, frustration and hatred and the biley liquid will soak into the seat, making the couch unusable and stinking up the entire office. Then Bossman will throw out the couch and I will have to find a new one and I will vomit and the cycle will continue until one of us gets fired (and it won’t be me!) FMWL!!!

Zoey looks as a kangaroo does when she stands on her hind legs. Sometimes I go outside and she freezes, staring at me like either she was about to do a horrible thing or the thing is in progress. “Zo! What are you doing!?” Statue, except for her twitching nose. “Zo?” She takes off running. At least she doesn’t grunt at me like Matt. Sometimes I wonder why I taught him how to read, write, use utensils.

For Family Day a friend invited us to Mandarin. I went to a buffet and I stayed under 1000 calories – ate vegetables, shrimp, flan and ice cream. Dairy desire. Damn you! When we got home, Dre said me did great job not overeating at a buffet. I chased him around the apartment, gave him a hug and said, “Thank you, baby!”

The day before we were grocery shopping in Metro. While waiting for the ride, he said, “Your hair looks good, mom.” I started clapping, jumping and running around the cart.

“I’m never complimenting you again.” Thankfully, he forgot! 🙂

… and since Mandarin, my stomach doesn’t feel right. I been drinking ginger tea, apple cider vinegar w/ water and eating mint leaves but still not settled.

It’s snow storming.

Wed Feb 22, 2023

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