Apr 13 – Journal Entry

It’s official, the Dog Walker and I are over. We spoke briefly yesterday, he took his daughter on an easter egg hunt. (Don’t ask, I didn’t). We didn’t talk at all today.

It was an okay two-week distraction – memorable enough for me to write about him. We spoke the longest when he was heading out of the city, which tells you something. Suppose he caught the VID and doesn’t have the energy to text? (I shouldn’t joke about the virus. I’m not wishing anything bad on him.)

I don’t know how I feel. Maybe that douche bag was right; now isn’t the best time to be trying to meet anybody … Nah. No time like the present! 😉

I was supposed to go on my first Caribbean cruise, the end of March – right when COVID hit. I needed that vacation. Instead of ten days, I took a day here and there. On one of those days, I sent the note below to my team:

Taking the day to mourn the loss of my Caribbean Cruise by crying over images of the ship, the Airbnb condo in Puerto Rico and snuggling with the items that were in my suitcase. I would have been in Bridgetown, Barbados today 😦


We rebooked the vacation for November, but now they’re talking about a second wave outbreak, we may have to move it to 2021.

Turns out I was looking in the wrong place to find my WP community members Discover Prompt – I figured it out.

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