Broken Wing

I fractured my left arm in two places; the ulna and the radius. It happened Sunday afternoon, Feb five. Wish I could tell you my injury came from doing cool shit like snowboarding or fly fishing, or an acrobatic sex move. But no. I fell in the kitchen – Matt was wet swiffering.

Sunday evening, multiple times, Dre suggested I go to the hospital. My plan was to make an appointment with the physio place I frequent because I figured it was just a sprain. Monday I messaged Bossman that I was gonna miss our morning meeting and included one of the pics below. He replied, that looks broken


He told me to go to hospital ASAP. If it wasn’t for that convo, I would have waited patiently for a physio appointment and kept taking the Tylenol Nighttime Sinus pills. How I behave you’d think my healthcare wasn’t free but I hate hospitals and being around sick people with all their gross sounds and smells.

U remember that time I thought about going back to school for nursing? What a disaster that would have been. Although, I wouldn’t mind pushing folks from place to place in their beds and wheelchairs. I’d run as fast as I can, knocking over things and people in the hall, then I’d stop suddenly and watch them continue. (Thanks Newton!)

Fly robin fly.
Up, up to the sky.


Oh joy!!! I’m putting that on my bucket list.

I hope I never have to stay in hospital for any reason.
I wouldn’t want to crash into an angel of mercy on my road to recovery.

Everybody had jokes – Dre, on the hazards of cleaning up; the x-ray lady, told me to get a few wet floor signs and the Uber driver, “What! You in a hurry to eat!” After he had his fun, he told me to stay hydrated and gave me a Middle Eastern recipe for okra soup …

“… You know okra?”

“I love okra!” I excitedly yelled from the back seat.

“You have big picture of okra hanging on your wall?” I laughed. I was gonna tell him about my okra poem but before I stopped laughing he continued, “How do you eat okra?”

“Fried or boiled.”

“Tell me about boiled.”

“I just throw whole okra into water and add salt.” After that, it was all about the makings and eatings of okra soup with bread.

Today, I figured out how to put on my tee shirt but I still need help to take it off. I haven’t showered yet and Matt’s making spaghetti for dinner.

BTW: One hand typing is slow as shit.

2023.02.07 (Tue)

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