Gen Zeesus

Be the change you want to see, they say
Unfortunately for me, that would mean cleaning away
to keep the dirty dishes, table crumbs and animal poop at bay
And what are The Boys doing? Oh. They're always on holiday
Is it just me, or is something wrong with Gen Z
I'm sorry, but you can no longer live here rent free
I don't care where you go, put up a tent in the park in a tree
We've had this talk so many times before how can you not see
Well ... the internet is being locked. And so is my flow of empathy
No! You cannot have the key

Obviously, I’ve had The Talk with The Boy. I wrote down everything I wanted to say – writing things down made it less stressful. I don’t want to get into the details right now but essential the conversation boiled down to, “You cannot lay about watching YouTube all day. You’re either going to school, working or looking for work. This means you must be out of the house during the day from Monday to Friday. Imagine … Let’s say you had a job to do, regular 9:00 am to 5:00 pm …

“Thanks for hiring me but can I work myself up to the eight hours a day.”

“What do you mean?”

“I work one hour a day for the first week, two hours a day for the second week, etc.” (The Boy actually said that!)

“… … … … … … … No!”

“You can’t expect me to just start. I need to ease myself into it.” (and he actually said that too!)

Are you fuckin’ insane!?!? “No.”

The post conversation was short but surreal. I told him, four hours the first week, then you start on eight the following week. But that’s the only compromise I am willing to make. He walks away. Imagine that!

Matt made the lasagna he was craving today, based on a highly rated online recipe. I think it turned out well and tasted great, but he doesn’t seem happy because it doesn’t taste like mine. I think it’s the fennel seeds that he may have an issue with because that gave it a very distinct flavour. FYI – Archie drank water all on his own today! Hooray!!!

Sun Feb 06, 2022

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