Sprint to Your Other Life

This evening, an hour and fifteen minutes into Otherlife (2017), I realized I’d seen the movie before, which made me laugh hysterically because the film is about creating memories. Ha!

Wednesday night I got two hours of sleep. I went to the office half dead, then a doc appointment with Dre, got home, ate and crashed yesterday.

After lots of prodding I went to the rec center for an indoor walk with Dre and ended up doing five or six sprints around the track. It’s great to run fast. I’m discovering I prefer quick, explosive movements. A sprint feels way better than a jog.

If you should not speak ill of dead people
be sure to do it while they are still alive!

Sincerely, Sam!
2023.02.03 (Fri)

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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