Soup’s On

For the last week, I’ve been craving soup. What kinda soup? Don’t ask me!

… Today I managed to figure it out. I want pho! Since I couldn’t bother making the broth from scratch, I got the concentrated broth, hot pot meat, spinach, bok choy, mint, napa cabbage, bean sprouts and cilantro. I wanted enoki mushrooms but they were all gone. I left out the rice noodles and packed it with leafy greens. Yum!

Pho! Pho! Pho! Merry Christmas!



Hey Sue - 
'member the days when we were 
Well ... I'm glad that's no longer
I love you
For giving me
Soup and tea
and warm food 
for my
Bell - eee
Me love you
I will always be true
And soon 
You will see
I'll contribute
Mon - eee
For rent and hydro
Cell bill and ...
Whatever else
I don't know
You will see
In the meantime
Thank you 
For taking care 

I sat down to write and that’s what I got … this whole month has been a challenge. I get a few words or no words or an amature night dive bar poem for a man baby. I hate man babies! And so does Sue. I don’t even know why she took him back.

You should watch Corrina, Corrina (1994). This movie makes me laugh and cry in equal measure every time. Make sure to watch it cause it’s on Plex or Tubi one of the free streaming apps, so you got no reason not to.

Last night I was super happy cause I went to bed on time – right at 10:00 pm I was under the covers. Ahhhh! Then I woke up at midnight. Tried to get back to sleep for forty-four minutes; wasn’t working, so I got up and danced. Dancing makes me happy!

2023.01.24 (Tue)

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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