Yikes! Platitudes!

You know, if I didn’t have to pay rent I’d be out of debt much faster. tsk. tsk. (Take me home. Please and thank you.)

Bali is off. My travel agent told me the flight would be expensive but almost 3000$! WTF Bali! I wasn’t expecting that. Got my reality check when she sent prices. It wasn’t painful for me to say no because Bali is not on my list, I was just gonna take advantage of the opportunity. But I feel, even if it was a place I was dying to go, I’d still easily be able to say no. Yes?!

Anyhow, even before Thailand, I refuse to travel on credit. I save for it or I don’t go. And on top of that, if I could save, putting money towards a trip rather than my outstanding debt would be wrong – If I went, hellfire would rain down the whole time and if that wasn’t enough, I’d do my best to make everyone miserable. Hurt people hurt people (if you let them) and …

Miserable people make
memorable miseries

(e.g.: hellfire in Bali)

At this moment, I feel to be a responsible adult. Dad would be proud. I am also proud. Plus there are cheaper getaways – Dad’s in Montreal again. I haven’t had much of an appetite or I dine on junk. Yesterday I ate a bunch of Swedish Berries and vanilla Oreos. It’s raining out and I don’t know if my eyes have gotten worse or my glasses are foggy.

one broken arm
one day at the hospital

two out of sorts sams

I hope you had a good day!

Thu Feb 9, 2023

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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