Question Mark

Inspiration and motivation have abandoned me
Why I write has become an unsolvable mystery
In fits and starts - I wake and stare at the ceiling
	Waiting in the dark for the Universe to speak up

Waiting at my desk for words to type themselves
Waiting with my green and gold Faber Castell 2H
	Ready for magical phrases to spill onto the pages

Instead, what do I get …
	Disjointed language and intrusive thoughts
	Who are you kidding? Submit! It’s time to quit!
	You!? Not the smartest. Farthest from an artist!

Will I close the book and put away my pencil
Never revealing the things I cannot find words to say
To be satisfied in tucking away ... all that
	Agitates, infuriates and frustrates
	Makes me wonder and love the skin I’m under
	Makes me appreciate life and everyone in it

I am grateful for how far I've come
It's not always easy, but it sure is fun
Overall, the world has been good to me 

And now ... 
I need to trust, hang on and commit
For the hard-won, I won’t come undone

© 2023 Samantha Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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