Violet Gumshoe

It’s Friday the thirteenth! Yay!

Almost all gum on the market has aspartame in it. Today I was looking for Hubba-Bubba and the gum with the comic strip, Bazooka? Those aren’t at any of the nearby inconvenience stores. ugh!

I have moments of childhood candy cravings; they don’t often happen, thank goodness. Do you remember a few years back when I saw Cracker Jack at Foodland? I couldn’t wait to get home to eat the popcorn but more importantly, I was excited for the toy. The popcorn tasted awful – probably made out of the sewage water that fell from the sky in my dream. And the toy was a piece of paper with a drawing on it – if I recall correctly. Back in the day, we got an actual toy – similar to what you’d find in a Kinder egg.

Some things should stay in the past yes! I will forever be scared. What a disappointment – it’s as visceral as being abandoned at daycare and ending up in a foster home; never to see your parents again. The life you knew; gone! I don’t know what that feels like but I imagine it’s as traumatic as expecting a certain toy and not getting it.

Did I ever tell you I used to own jumping beans – the actual brown beans not the toy? It might have been my mom who got it for me – I was mesmerized.

On the subway this week, I asked an Earth woman about a book she was reading, only because I couldn’t see the cover. Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? is now on my reading list. (Are you ready for when intergalactic begins can also come out of the closet and ride the TTC?)

NO! What’s more pleasant than death!

Outside is snow angel ready – all night and most of the day the white stuff fell from the sky. I would like the snow to be blue, purple, or rainbow (you knew that was coming, right?). Even yellow snow would be alright, no worry about picking up and eating pee-contaminated snow … until it’s too late. I can’t see anyone eating snow these days.

I go try to play Fortnite with the kids.

2023.01.13 (Fri)

— Samantha Williams —

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