Greenhouse Fire

If my plants survive the winter, when I repot, I will use pots with drainage holes only. I can never tell if I am under or over-watering my plants – even beginner plants don’t do well with me. If all that fails, I will buy every variation of the snake plant. The fiddle leaf fig is supposed to be a beginner plant but I cannot get it to grow. Even the super easy ivy died. smh.

It’s freezing out! I made it to the pet store at ~ -15c. I’m proud of myself, cause I thought about Ubering several times but I didn’t – I walked and TTCed instead. The one accessory missing from my winter collection is earmuffs – normally I’d wear a hood but can’t do that with my fro. Or I could, the hood might give my hair a nice shape.

Sometimes when I talk to Matt all he responds with are grunts, like he’s a fuckin’ animal. People can be angry and still have manners can they not? Of course, I cannot grunt at him when he talks to me cause I’m an adult and I’m supposed to know better … well fuck that. From now on, any time he talks to me, which is usually a request for money, my reply will be a guttural growl and the vestiges of our relationship will continue to devolve and society will blame me – like I didn’t do my part. As far as I am concerned – sixteen is old enough to be civil.

Dre and I were supposed to hang with Dee today but he woke up mad late and the only way I was going back outside was if the apartment catches fire.

Do you know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day? My plan is to spend the day at a spa – Korean or Russian, haven’t decided yet. Apple has a new app out named Freeform and I still cannot choose from different fonts. OMG Apple! A one font life is not the life for me. Neither is farm living. WTF!

2023.01.14 (Sat)

— Samantha Williams —

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