Why do people have to do gross shit in public?

Ear wax digging. Booger picking. Hocking+Spitting. Vomiting. Defecating. Did I tell you about the time someone took a dump on one of the subway platforms? AND worse of all, at a station with a readily available bathroom. Guess they didn’t know that or forgot the butt plug.

People of Earth are gross. Today, on the way home, a guy was having loads of fun picking his nose while watching something on his phone – finger in sinus porn perhaps. Why was I so unlucky to have him in my line of sight? Then, that just got me thinking about all the caked on invisible residue of bodily excretions that’s probably on the pole I’m holding.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
Nobody knows my sorrow


Mercy Mercy Me!

Today Bossman reminded me of the Sesame Street Yip Yips … look them up for a laugh. I might have to take a few hours off tomorrow. I am going to bed early – can’t keep my closed eyes open much longer. Wanna bet I will wake up around midnight? (it’s ~ 7:20 pm). I’m still averaging just under four hours sleep per night and still waiting for my sleep study – by the time they call me I will be dead. Then sleep won’t be an issue. I only hope, wherever I am, I’ll be able to write and draw and learn shit …

I’ll need a well-lit custom casket with a number of writing/drawing implements, a desk, and an easel (and a resupply mechanism/process). The friggin’ cemetery wifi better not be spotty. If I’m cremated, that will be easier, because I could setup and work from anywhere – some next level remote shit! Wouldn’t that be wonderful! TO NEVER STOP CREATING!

2023.01.11 (Wed)

— Samantha Williams —

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