Out In The Cold

I wasn’t going to talk to you today, but it’s 11:30 pm, and I cannot sleep.

On top of having to slide out of bed, I believe I’ve caught the cold Matt had a week ago (or two?), which means I might have to cancel physio tomorrow, but I need to go. (twice a week for six weeks or less if I feel better before then). I will call and ask them if it’s ok.

We talk when I feel better. I hate being sick – and I hate talking about being sick because I believe that reinforces my sickness – if that’s real or not I don’t know but it’s how I feel. Maybe my immune system is busted. And I was so proud that I didn’t catch his cold at the time.

I have no more vacation days and probably used up all my sick ones. I should talk to HR.

I leave you with a joke (I hope) – to send you off into the … wherever it is that you go.

“Hi! HR Lady?”


“What happens when you run out of holiday and sick days?”

“You get fired!”

“But I don’t wanna be a starvin’ artist!”


“Hello! Hello!”


Mon Oct 17, 2022

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