Don’t Call Me Shrimp

I figured something out!  Even if I miss my workout in the extremely early morning, for whatever reason or excuse, that doesn’t mean I can’t exercise later in the day. I have this “all or nothing” mentality where I don’t count the milestones on the way to my ultimate goals. Only the goal matters. However, this week’s discovery is gonna change that. Once I remember it – another note to stick to multiple walls. 

Sleep has been elusive. Although I am up at two or three or four am, most times I’m too tired to exercise. Yesterday I finished my 1hr around noon. Today, at 9:00 am. Of course, if I have meetings, I will have to work around them but it is nice to have the flexibility and I don’t mind making up my hours in the evening, late at night or on weekends.

Getting my new card took some trials – First Attempt: I got dressed but didn’t manage to make it out the door. I undressed. Attempt Two: I redressed a few hours later when I learned Matt was leaving around 4:00 pm to do his volunteer work. Sometimes it is easier to leave the house with someone else, but I don’t usually have that luxury.

When watching shows/movies, I might see something I love and want to draw, so I take a pic. I like drawing from photos.

From Antlers (2021)

A few weeks back Dee told me to eat shrimp because it’s low in calories and high in protein but I’ve never liked shrimp. But I tried it today. Herb and garlic shrimp in the air fryer w/ mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots). I enjoyed the meal.

Tue Dec 13, 2022

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