Do you remember when I thought I could double my Prozac? At the time, I believe I was on 60 mg. I said to myself, “If 60 works well, then 120 will solve all my problems!” Good thing I spoke to my doctor by chance before I upped my dosage.

Similar to what happened with the COVID testing, we were talking about something else, and I mentioned with confidence, “I’m thinking of going up to 120 mg of Prozac.” My doctor said something like, “I don’t think you can take that much and you have to do another ECG before I can change it.” She did some searching and that’s when I learned the max is 80. Medical advice! Who needs it!

I probably could have done some crazy irreversible shit to my body. Or slipped into a coma and died … Bye-bye insomnia.

I laugh in the face of my stupidity and thank all the Gods in all the Universes for all the times they’ve protected me from mystupidself!

Thank you!


I only worked two hours today – I was achy, had the chills and just felt yucky. Maybe residuals from my bad lunch yesterday.

šŸŽ¶ To all the girls I’ve loved before. who travelled in and out my door. I’m glad they came along. I dedicate this song, to all the girls I’ve loved before. To all the girls who shared my life. Who now are someone else’s wife. I’m glad they came along. I dedicate this song, to all the girls I’ve loved before. šŸŽ¶

For some reason, that song was in my head on the way home from gyming. I would like to know where random memories come from. What is it that prompts the memory? Or … maybe memories don’t need prompts, they come whenever they want.

I’m a bit bummed – my trainer may not be returning for a while or ever – he’s busy doing good stuff in Iran. If 8:00 pm is going to be my new gym time then I will have to draw earlier in the day, around six.

Wed Feb 23, 2022

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