The Only One

It’s that time of year – to cozy up to my crackling TV fireplace with hot chocolate and Frangelico.

The next party I go to, all my moves will be cued up from Just Dance … even my internal playlist is a bit skewed. But this morning I woke up with Melissa in my head …

Well, I’m the only one
who’ll walk a thousand miles for you
And I’m the only one

who’ll drown in my desire for you
When all the fears that make you run
the demons that you’re hiding from
When all the promises are gone

I’m the only one

Melissa Etheridge

I finally have a date with my girlfriend in February; a painting party in an Irish pub somewhere in Toronto. Travel plans are on hold until I’ve cleared up my current debt. It doesn’t make sense for me to save for the trip right now. Tomorrow I gotta get my replacement card.

Dad’s coming on Friday! Hooray! The boys are still annoying! And Dee found a game I’d like, Little to the Left.

Mon Dec 12, 2022

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