Almost Doesn’t Count

And fuck potential … You either are or you are not.

Can’t drive a car that’s still being assembled yeah!

BTW: Literally, earlier today, I don’t have a pot to piss in! (and toilets aren’t my thing.) You know why?

Because all of them are dirty. All of them! Every single one! (I tried peeing in a pot cover but it doesn’t have the same ring to it.) I grabbed a garbage bag to throw out everything but I was able to calm myself.

Matt cleaned up the kitchen after school.

Constructive CriticismIgnorance
DecisivenessInsincerity | Pretentiousness | Hypocrisy
IdeationKnowledge Hoarders
Proactive ActionLiars | Lies
Respectful Confrontations

It’s time for me to rethink in order to protect myself from all I hate.

I was supposed to babysit Mia this weekend but Dee isn’t going away anymore. I might stop by and see them on Sunday after class. They said some guy from Kids in the Hall is supposed to be our teacher for Writing 1.

Fri May 05, 2023

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