This Life

I’m watching one of my all-time favourite movies with Dre, The Usual Suspects (1995). Still badass. I really wanted to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), but it’s not streaming anywhere.

Subscription services are sooo annoying. I turned off autorenewal on one in November, but they still charged me. Now I gotta wait and see if I’ll get my money back, and when I called the bank, they told me to get a new card and open a fraud investigation. I was reluctant to because I had just replaced this damn card – I lost the last one.

In an attempt to keep going with my good financial behaviour, I whipped out Worry-Free Money to review all the things I know but stopped doing when I fell back into my bad habits.

Turns out, that money was for something else. Now I still gotta pay that bill, plus I got hit with an NSF fee.

The new year is coming up, and I want to keep up the good stuff! Since I need to see things to remember them – I decided to keep a printout of my expenses – monthly, and yearly (with a monthly breakdown). I want to get my score back over 700 ASAP. And I’m gonna put up some motivational sayings – more in my bedroom and a few in the kitchen. 


Dre says my art is getting better. Dee won our last 7-Day Fitness Challenge – we will go again!

Sat Dec 10, 2022

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