Old People Are Cool!

I have an awful headache. The day started well enough, except I thought I would sweat to death outside – another day of me overacting to the weather forecast. SMH!!!

We had poke bowls for lunch; Bossman, our sales director and me is “we.” Jer couldn’t make it in. There was another visitor today too, and he had a sticker on his laptop, “OLD PEOPLE ARE COOL.” That deserves a quote post yes! Which it is going to get. I will see if I can find who said it; if not, I will add my flavour to the saying.

About thirty minutes after eating, I received a headache. “Here you go, Sam.” Said Headache in the form of a well-presented, appetizing meal. Son of a bitch!

UGH! There’s a song I wanted to share with you, but I can’t remember what it was now!

Cricket Bat: Repurposed

I decided on a cricket bat. I will keep my collapsable 2×4 with spear and axe hammer in a sling across my back – I very many want to draw what I see for you, along with my mean mug. Let’s see if I can finish this week. Hmmm … It might be easier for me to accomplish this through posing than trying to find and put together various images from the internet.

Have many personas, will I. All of whom will be ready to maim and kill at the drop of A anything – hat, dime, bottle, apple (any fruit or vegetable), shoe, piano, car, truck, etc. 

FYI: I like the word “maim.” Mam Maim! I think I like that name but … The Maimer! (That’s better, although, I feel that name is taken. I will have to check.)

Bands And Personal Brands And Stuff

You should listen to Electric Six! AND of course, my long-time favourite, Arctic Monkeys – their old stuff is better. Same with Electric Six. IMO.

I came across something called personal brand/ing the other day when I was looking at themes – so I’ve been thinking about my brand and what I want to be known for or who I want to be known as. And that’s all I have for you right now.

My brand is confusing, according to Dee. (well my website is – that was her feedback the last time she reviewed it). But I’m ok with that, because I get confused often and change my mind often. AND often I do much many different things. As I learn and grow, I don’t suspect that will change. Therefore, I will keep changing again and changing again and changing again. So get used to it 🙂


I go sleep. But perhaps, on my way to bed, I will find something else to do. Like maybe tormenting the boys! Which brings me many satisfactions. Good night!

Mon May 30, 2022

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