Work It Out

Another fantastic morning – finished an hour and 20 min workout before 5:00 am. I started with Just dance but did an hour with Ring Fit because my VO2 is shitter and shitter. I’m down to 28 and was hovering over thirty-one for a while. Can a few points make such a big difference?

The first trainer I had told me, it’s the first thing to go when you stop working out and the last thing to come back as you retrain. I can push myself more than I have been. BTW: Dre told me a lady fell off the treadmill downstairs; they renovated the gym, but the machines are so old. People flying off treadmills is funny. Sorry I missed it!

According to my watch, I am still in the above-average range for my age but barely. 40-49 years, VO2 is 34-27. A year ago, when I started training, my goal was to reach 45. I am motivated to run again; there’s nothing wrong with me, thank heavens – no reason why I can’t! Only excuses! Remember when I used to run home from the bus stop? Now I’m lucky if I can run across the street without passing out on the other side.

I’d like to clarify something – even though I can write from what others have shared with me confidentially, I consider myself an investigative journalist – I will always respect and protect my sources!

The poem I wrote this morning was not influenced by any conversations. Of course, saying that will make you think it was, but it really wasn’t. The words “Knives Out!” knocked me on my head before I stepped in the shower, and Perpetual Disaster was almost fully formed before I came out.

Overall today was a good day – I even got the pencils out 🙂

FYI! Sometimes all I wanna do is find Waldo. Glad I’m not his girlfriend tho! I’d be so upset.

“Waaaaldooooo, I’m reaaaady.” She calls seductively from the garage floor. 


“WALDO! You motherfucker!”

Fri Dec 09, 2022

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