What’s Up

I was not up all night!

At almost exactly 7:30 am I opened my eyes. Yay sleep!!!! Woke up once because my wild things were causing a ruckus when they too should have been sleeping.

“Seriously! Guys. Go to bed!” Then we were all back to sleep in no time.

Guess what? French fries do taste better when shared 🙂 Told ya! Bossman and I/me/myself went for lunch and I had fries and them was soooo yummy. We shared a pulled-pork flatbread too. Myself and Me are fasting so they did not partake.

I’m sleeping over at Dee’s tonight. Totally unplanned. I bought a toothbrush and some other toilettrees to leave here. I’m enjoying the hot tub more than the steam room. I spent part of the evening looking for lasagna. No luck.

Are you allowed to pass people in the bicycle lane? It’s very narrow. Tomorrow is IG post day and I am not prepared.

I hope you had a wonderful day full of stuff that’s awesome and pleasantly surprising – Like an unplanned sleepover.

Thu Jul 14, 2022

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