Parks and Bullets

Dad’s appointment went well. All clear for travel and no change in meds. We went for a quick walk in Prospect Park. I wonder what kind of prospects you’re supposed to find in the park?

Sunbathing – I think those are red-eared sliders like Dre used to have.

Dee is coming in tomorrow. I’m excited.

Last Saturday, on my way to the airport, a woman complimented me, “You have beautiful body art. It really suits you.”

They have all these signs about giving up your seat to people with visible and non-visible impairments. Ok … But, how am I supposed to know to give up my seat if I cannot see your disability? Maybe I can sense it!

Who’s are the idiot that created this ad? And who’s are the worser idiot that paid for it? And do people with dyslexia need to sit down? IDK. Barring all that, I hate surface courtesies as much as I hate the word “tolerate!” 

The ad bugged me, and it became even more ridiculous every time I saw it! But maybe I am thinking too much and changing the meaning of what it means to be disabled/impaired. But still … If I can’t fuckin’ see it how am I supposed to help?

A conversation for another time. Meanwhile, I intend on using this to my advantage when riding the TTC. “Gimme your seat! I have a disability you cannot see.” Do invisible disabilities trump visible ones or are they all the same?

Can you imagine, arguments breaking out on the TTC because multiple NVDs and VDs (VD lol) are trying to decide who should get the seat, “I am more disabled than you are. Let me sit down.” I’ll jump in …

“Yeah. Um … I’m just gonna occupy this spot here and rest my legs, while you guys decide.”

I found a bullet on the sidewalk today!

I started two poems during the power outage but I can’t find them. Hmm. I can’t remember what app I used to write them in.

Mon Jun 06, 2022

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