Going Again

I spend way less time preparing and posting to IG (15 min tops – most of that is deciding on the poem) and grrrr … I kinda wanna go back and edit all my previous posts. I might. Now is the best time. This kinda reminds me of when I learned that I should put the copyright site on each post and by then, I had 100, so I went back and fixed everything.

Then there was another time when I deleted the wrong photos, and another time when …

Years ago, someone told me that when stressed, whatever your weakest body part is, will act up. My weakest part must be my stomach, but what could be worrying me? Can you be stressed and not know it?

And sometimes I wonder if because I don’t want to leave the house, I become physically ill – if that’s a thing. Like when I get nervous because I have to speak publically, I lose my appetite.

Anyhow … I go make my IG post look the same … although … I think I am in the process of changing my mind.

I go dance.

Tue Sep 20, 2022

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