May 24 – Journal Entry

I really don’t understand why speaker manufacturers don’t publish wattage or decibel levels of their products. How am I supposed to make an informed decision – what’s loud for you may not be loud enough for me. Frustrating! Plus going to stores to listen to speakers doesn’t make much sense either because space affects the sound. What’s a woman to do! They should be required to publish a standard loudness/decibel rating. 

I found a disco ball that changes with the sound of the music. Cool right!

Yesterday, André was supposed to clean the kitchen before going to bed – I got up to cook this morning and was disgusted. I hate dirty kitchens and bathrooms – I can deal with anything else. When my kitchen is dirty, any desire I have to cook evaporates. Today I asked him when he was going to clean up, “Before I go to bed.” I told him, “No. That’s not going to work. If you were supposed to do something yesterday, it should be the first thing you do today. It’s not like you have some other high priority thing to do.”

I need to clean up my WordPress tags. You should watch The Lodge – It reminded me a bit of Heredity.

I rearranged my room again today – the second or third time this month.

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