Nanobots In Your Butt

I got to the office just in time for lunch! Fortunate! Me and Jer and Bossman and our CFO lunching!

And I still cannot find my glue sticks. Maybe they were feeling stuck and decided they didn’t want to be glue sticks anymore.

You wouldn’t believe what I saw in FreshCo. Mangosteen 🙂 Memories of Thailand. Our first tour guide in Bangkok introduced us to the fruit. Then I bought so many and had to sneak them into the hotels – you’re not allowed because they stain fabric. You’re also not allowed to bring in durian cause of the smell.

Remember when I told you I was gonna pull out all my microbursts from my journal entries and give them their own posts? What do you mean you don’t remember!!! Ugh!

Well … that task is proving to be more difficult than I thought because it’s not like I tagged those posts differently, so now I have to use my faulty memory. But … as I remember, I’m writing them on a flash card. And by the way … my organizing of ideas and stuff is not going well.

The rats fight like humans and they keep knocking over their water bowl. I don’t know what’s going on with them. The last time we had dinner, it was a horrible experience for me and the other pets. They’d stash their food, then run around the table grabbing everyone else’s. Right off the plate – sometimes out of our mouths.

“Guys! There’s enough food to go around. You don’t have to stash and grab.”

“We’re rats. This is what we do.”

Don’t invite rats to your dinner party.

Oh someone was handing these out in the building

Four pages of info with bible verses inside and on the back, it says, “Vaccines have never been proven to work.” Why do I pick up/take handouts? It’s fun.

Thu Jul 07, 2022

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