Menopause Made Me Do It!

I’m talking to you way earlier than usual cause Me, Dre, Myself and I plan to go for a walk at sunset. He doesn’t know yet that two other people are coming along.

We went walking to Galleria yesterday but it was so hot. Plus I want to see if I can finish my poem and creature before we leave.

A plant on the way to Galleria – I liked the look of the leaves

Matt woke up all salty this morning – he didn’t even say bye to me before leaving for school and for most of the morning I was wondering what I did to him.

Would you like to be someone’s pet or their animal de compagnie? RIGHT!

Ooh, la la! vs Ooh, the the! See! The latter makes you sound retarded. Everything is better in French. Are heterosexual women supposed to say Ooh, le le? Maybe it doesn’t matter. (But it should!)

OMG!!! You know how much I love languages. They open many a-venue for jokes and things to ponder.

Je lol.


“Scale, scale, on the floor, show me what I want to see and nothing more.”

“You, The Supreme One, should know that I was not programmed to play pretend.”

Imagine what the world would look like if we could control every aspect of what we wanted to see? Whether in a virtual or augmented reality. Then we could pretend our problems and people away. And put everyone in neat boxes to mould how we’d like the people around us to look, behave, and what we’d like them to believe.


FYI: I hate when people say, “I don’t see colour.” There’s nothing wrong with colour. I don’t even like the term, “People of Colour.” I kinda like how “People of Earth” sounds. Does anyone want to see the rainbow or sunset in monochrome? Unless they are truly colour blind and can only see shades of black and white. But then they have no choice!

“Oh, look at the beautiful white rainbow and the black sunset and the gray sky.”

The rock garden that I am not sure I am in love with (may redo to cover the ramekin)

Dre got me the orange rock many years ago and Dee painted the one below it.

And BTW – why are there no purple skin tone emojis? Dre said that’s because there are no purple people. But I don’t know if that’s true. Hmmm. I wonder if there is something I could eat to make me turn purple? If you think of anything let me know. Although, I probably shouldn’t try to throw another colour in the mix – I’m just asking for trouble.

My Animal Crossing Self Portraits


Today I allow myself to accept how much I love to rip things:

  • Nails out of beds
  • Scalps off of heads
  • Flesh off of faces
  • Throats out of necks

You should be aware of the last two already.

I am off to find other fun things to rip. If you find yourself wishing you could rip something off/out of someone, but you cannot bring yourself to do it, call me!

Sleep tight! I hope you wake up with your parts on right. BUT if you don’t it wasn’t me cause you are my friend and I wouldn’t do that to you. This means there’s a copyhuman out there.

Mon May 16, 2022

One thought on “Menopause Made Me Do It!

Add yours

  1. Hello fellow writer! Quirky write you have here! I love it! The title caught me because I am almost there, I have girlfriends who are there, I’m not looking forward to what menopause will make me do, I’m already a basket case!

    They have strange mushroom that will turn you purple, temporarily but I wouldn’t recommend it (giggles)

    Nope, no purple emojis, I checked after I read this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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