Journal Entry – Fri Nov 27

Woke up this morning feeling shitty (not like P. Diddy)! Then I did some reflecting and realized that I need stuff to do at work. Even though I’m reading and learning all this new stuff, I want to apply that knowledge. After ruminating for like two hours, I sent my boss an email to let him know I am running out of work – and I don’t find my process improvements and refinements as exciting anymore – Like, I already did that! Yes, it’s essential, and yes, I’m all for continual improvements but I also wanna do more new and different stuff you know!.

I feel I’m not doing my part. I’m not contributing enough, so I took the day off. Anyway, I probably won’t know what my boss thinks till next week during our 1:1 cause he’s on vacation. I’m even getting tired of playing Scrabble and Homescapes (🥱). I ate pasta and donuts today after I said I was going to fast – Six mini Italian donuts, which is probably equivalent to two standard Tim Horton’s donuts.

There’s a long list of books I want to buy on various work-related topics, but I will wait until I get to London; I don’t want to leave boxes sitting outside my door. I wish I had a neighbour to give my keys to – they can check-in on the place, bring in my packages, water the plants, clean the windows, mop the floor, pay my bills … Where have all the trustworthy, bill paying neighbours gone? They so too existed!

My substance abuse counsellor lady called me earlier this week, but I didn’t feel like talking and I haven’t called her back to arrange another meeting. I am an INFP-T if you believe in that stuff see – I’ll tell you more about it later. I think Prozac is making me jittery – will have to review the side effects again.

BTW – you should check out and support #makeamazonpay.

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