Good Day for a Telecom Outage

… There never is one! Do better with my money!

I don’t have much to say, and I am not sure why because a whole lotta nothing happened today. Except …

  • Dee came by as tonight is dad’s last night in Toronto
  • The ficus has a new home – I got the dirt from Amazon
  • Ratatouille escaped – my fault again; Dre and I got her back in the cage in ~ 30 min.
    • (I don’t want to keep rats anymore 😦 )
  • This morning I heard dad listening to a TEDTalk from an anti-racist who was a former white supremacist (Google Jolly Good Ginger).
  • That stupid ad that Rogers has since the last outage about “being committed to Canadians” just pisses me off – it took a buncha outages to come to that conclusion – you dumb asses
    • they had a big outage in 2021 too AND I am pretty sure a smaller one soon after
    • it’s like no one is thinking ahead or forward … until they are forced to – OMG
    • in 2021 you didn’t do a postmortem??? Run some what-ifs ???
    • Don’t you have a business continuity/disaster recovery plan you IDIOTS!!! (I guess the 2021 outage didn’t teach them anything)
    • The commercial gives me no comfort or confidence in their ability to do better!
  • On a tastier note – I got me a few new bottles of pickles – normally I only get mango
    • There was this great yummy brand of mango achar I used to get, but I can’t find it nowheres
Wed Aug 31, 2022

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