Sunrise – Daily Word Prompt

おはよう !

Hai! It’s a new day!
Get moving, make hay
No time for delay
You know what they say
About seizing the day

If you have to get out to work
Please don’t be a jerk
Remember as discussed
Face mask when riding the bus
Non-compliance is treasonous

Also, enjoy your day
Don’t contribute to the fray
Be sure to go home straight away

Workout before twilight
(Or earlier if you like)
And you’d better eat right
Your family needs you – bright light

Spend some time with the relatives
Don’t take a bedtime sedative
Or other derivatives

Before going to bed give thanks
And please, out loud you say
Cheers! To a great day!

FYI: The title is Good Morning in Japanese – but I left out gozaimasu – which you add for politeness. The polite way of saying good morning is:


Hai! (はい) is “yes” in Japanese. When I mention “Brightlight” I am talking about personality and disposition. A positive person.

I am still a complete novice so forgive and correct me if I didn’t get the Japanese characters right.


Feature Photo Credit: @Nadezhda via Twenty20

2 thoughts on “Sunrise – Daily Word Prompt

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    1. At first, yes. But as I get to understand the phonetic sound and spelling, I can use the Japanese keyboard to spell words I know and make simple sentences. I have been on my Japanese learning journey since Jan 2019.

      What I’ve learned this year though, is that I cannot rely just on Duolingo – for example “sayonara” is really like saying “goodbye forever.” It is not a word that first language Japanese speakers use to say “bye” in everyday conversations. I wouldn’t know that just from Duolingo alone. There are about ten different ways to say “bye” in Japanese. So … Duolingo is a good start but I have to supplement that with other sources to really understand the language and culture.

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