Animal Crossing Again

I was playing Animal Crossing while doing some work-related thinking. It’s been months since I played, and my home was roach infested – I’m exaggerating, only one cockroach per room had I, but Naomi stopped by to visit, saw the roach and promptly removed herself from my abode.

That’s my Excited-Confetti-Bandaid Face

As you know, I enjoy running about RainbowSun in underwear, socks, my red bat wings and Hello Kitty hat.

NinjaSpam Sam (That’s my Switch name)

If you visit someone and observe bugs, rats or other unsavouries running about, I don’t think you’d need to say anything unless the person you are visiting is blind; they should be aware of their vermin. Right? And also, you must to be considerate because they might be having a toxic mindfulness moment.

I got my art desk one day earlier than expected – it’s all set up. I’m still waiting for my replacement Dyson air filter.

Sleep tight! Don’t let the vermin bite!

Mon Aug 29, 2022

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