Apr 10 – Journal Entry

Today I found out my dad tested positive for COVID-19 … 14 days ago. SMH. My sister-in-law What’s App me asking if I spoke to dad. I immediately start freaking because my dad lives in Brooklyn, NYC. I ask her if she talked to Liz. Turns out, no one’s heard from my dad, his gf or my little brother in a few days. 

I look for Liz’s number and call quickly. She picked up and confirmed they have the virus and are recovering. Better today than they were yesterday. I talk to my dad. He says he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want me to worry. WTF. The conversation was brief. He said his energy gets zapped really quickly and if I had called yesterday he would not have been able to talk. I tell him I love him and hang up.

Domestic violence makes me so angry. I want to crack the offender’s skull. Just beat the crap out of them till they’re begging for their lives. Sam the Skull Cracker (I like how that sounds). I’ll walk about with a baseball bat over my shoulder like Harley Quinn, smashing skulls like the Hulk.

You’re terrorizing the person you’re supposed to love. Cowards! Now, because of COVID, domestic abuse is on the rise – the government is trying to get money out to shelters to support the women and children …

Instead, they should drag these pieces of filth out of their homes and throw them in the ocean – watch them drown. Do with them what you would do with any other terrorist, foreign or domestic. Why should women have to uproot their lives? They didn’t do anything wrong (except marry the loser – they say that there are always signs. No judgment here!).

I have a next-door neighbour and one time, a few months back I hear them going at it – it was awful. I called the cops but I don’t know what happened. Years ago, my girlfriend’s ex came after her with a knife. Then there’s my sister. I have two boys; I would kill them myself if they were terrorizing their partners.    

Ok, I’m calm … On a good note, I spent most of the day talking to the Dog Walker. He was outside, as usual, had a bunch of errands to run – driving out of the city and back. I saw him perform his ritual. I like talking to him, so for now I’ll continue, it’s working for me. I’m selfish. POF has this new LIVE feature; I think it’s similar to Instagram Video. I’ll check it out during the week.      

I supported two of my local restaurants today and received a little note on my bag. It was adorable. 

Then I watch several YouTube gamer videos with André. You’re listening to this guy tell you stories while watching him play video games.

I love my Monocle magazines.

Feature Photo Credit: @joannaosborne via Twenty20

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