Hot v Cold

Does dancing in the shower count as exercise if I’m not wearing my iWatch?

It’s so hot. Why! I get angry when it’s too hot. And when it’s too cold, I get angrier (but mostly only if I have to go outside.) Cold anger is different from hot but they’re both just as dangerous.

I’m running behind on sonnet thirteen, but I can’t decide what I wanna write. Nature something maybe – flowers or the universe?


To our first Name That Tyrant winners who knew it was Joseph Stalin – I hope you are enjoying your moustache stash and your reusable smallpox stickers.

This one might be a bit more difficult to guess because I don’t have much early info. 

Depending on the source, dude was born between 1924 to 1928; no one knows for sure. Some sources say as early as 1922. His father abandoned the family, leaving the little guy with his mom. Depressed, all he did was hang out in the field, tend goats and go to school until grade four. After which, he became a full-time goat tender-er. Maybe. (I don’t know if that’s true). Tall and robust, he was a good swimmer, rugby player and boxer.

The young man joined the British Colonial Army in 1946 but insisted it was much earlier. He might have been bipolar or had some other mental illness or a mix thereof, as his companions often talk about his abrupt and drastic mood swings. Good tyrant. Bad tyrant. Worse tyrant.

Various Internet Sources Supplied by Google

eMail responses to by 11:59 pm, Wednesday, July 27, 2022, for the chance to win a British Colonial Army uniform. With all the metals!!! And a bust; Excellent for displaying in your foyer, living room, or even on your front lawn, if you dare. Your neighbours might appreciate it though, depending on where you live.


Munch is moving to the top of my favourite artist list.


I know the drawing may be hard to see but I wanted to share the before. I will finish it tomorrow and show you the after then 🙂

The Storm – Edvard Munch

Did I ever tell you I am afraid of using colours when I art? I feel like I am going to mess everything up. But I have a bunch of pastels left over from Dee’s university art days so I will apply them here, with or without fear.

Pastels from Dee

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Zoey do a bunny flop. The cutest most heart-melting thing ever. If only I could bunny flop my way into everyone’s heart. Work meeting not going my way – bunny flop. “Awww. We’ll do whatever you want.”

Relationship problems – Bunny flop. “Awww. Look at my Sam. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Don’t have enough money to pay for my meal, clothes, books, etc. – Bunny flop. “Awww. Don’t worry about it. It’s free! You cutie pie!”

Hmmm … this sounds more like manipulation … 🎶 but this is my bunny flop maneuver of whateva. 🎶

Good night! My bag is packed and I is ready for the office tomorrow.

Tue Jul 12, 2022

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