Hello Tomorrow

It’s raining. Can you tell the difference between a sunrise and sunset photo?

Last night I dreamed that all the dishes were washed and the entire kitchen was sparkling clean. Everything looked new. Maybe something is wrong with me. Uncleanliness shouldn’t bug me this much. Should it?

My head hurts

Have you ever heard of Henry Dumas? I plan to gather and read all his stuff.

I am gathering the stuff I need to make a picture appear on my Monocle canvas bags. And I also know which poem I will post next on IG, I revised my koala and signature – make an image out of it so I can easily add it to the post I’m creating in Canva.

New IG Sig

I like the new AirBB commercials.

Did you know that a high mountain is different from a tall mountain? Because tallest is a measurement from the bottom of a mountain to the top and highest is from sea level to summit.

Mon Jul 11, 2022

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