Lights! We Have Lights! And Water!

🎶 To market, to market to buy a fat pig. Home again. Home again. Jig giddy jig. 🎶 

That’s not in my budget!

At 2:00 pm I got a call from Matt saying the lights were on. Since I can’t bring all the perishables back on my own, I sent the boys a message to let them know they can come by in the evening because I wanted to finish my poems. I walked around the unit, touching stuff and rearranging things, but the words weren’t coming to me. I called Matt …

“Hey! I’m ready to come home. You wanna come by and help me with the stuff? Tell Dre!”

“Your message said sunset. It’s not sunset.”

I know what the fuck I said you shit. Too bad I couldn’t reach through the phone and rip his tongue out of his boorish mouth. At that moment, I wished he was standing in front of me! Like I’m not entitled to change my mind!


Anyway – I came home by myself and Dre was all up in arms cause I didn’t bring back all the perishables.

I rearranged a quote from dad. Quotes are like poetry, but they also tell a story. So … only if the selection is from a poet will it be in the SugarKissTwist category. Otherwise, it will be with the Microburst. My rules are arbitrary!



Sometimes I change the spelling/meaning of words on the fly and still expect people to know what I am talking about, and I get angry when they don’t.

I will tell myself, “Sam! You cannot do that. Or when you do, instead of getting angry, explain what you are trying to say!” Pfft. I prefer to lash out (hmmm … eyelashes as weapons. Gives a whole new meaning to lash-batting). 

See! It’s just a thing I do! IDK – I see words in parts or as building blocks maybe.


Yeah, so … How are you doing?

I opened Garageband and stared at it. While staring, I realized I have no idea where to even start. How do I get what’s in my head out into a beat that matches my poem? 

Much to do! Much to learn! Perhaps it is good that I don’t sleep. (don’t worry. I know that is not true.) BTW – making up these creatures and adding characteristics to them is a fun way to learn/remember biological things.

For example, I had to read up on the brittle star to help with figuring out what abilities would make sense for the hero and, potentially, how they would behave. I more than like that but I don’t love it yet!  Only cause it’s frustrating sometimes when I can’t find what I need and I want to finish what I am doing.

Learning. Funning. Creating. The new Trinity.

Is that blasphemous?

Na-na-na-na-na! I don’t have to work tomorrow – Victoria Day! Fireworks are going off in the field. Listening to the wind howl makes me happy.

Sun May 22, 2022

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