Pixie Poo

Happy Birthday Pixie Poo! 


Dre will answer to every name I call him except Douche, and I don’t understand why. If you’re being douchy and I call you by your name, what’s the problem? If you don’t wanna be called a Douche, don’t act douchy! It’s simple! 

I wished him happy bday at midnight but he was still in my belly then (that boy was lazy before he was born. No sense of urgency) … He finally showed up around 10 am, from what I remember. Friday we are going to The Keg for his birthday dinner. I asked him what he wanted today, and the boy picked McDonald’s. Ok! It’s your birthday!


Today me did one good job at work with Jer’s help. Now I owe him my life. (It’s not that serious. Or is it!)

Jer is my friend – when I’m bouncing off the walls (walls include ceiling and floor), he will bounce with me; most times, unless he has work shit to do, then he’ll say, “Why are you bouncing off the walls already? It’s not time yet!” or “Sam! I cannot work with you bouncing around! Cut it out!” 

And when I wanna talk about serious shit, we talk about serious shit, and I get to see things from different perspectives and think about my view in various ways as well. And when I wanna be quiet, he’s quiet! I think I am only quiet when I have work to do.

Hmm … this sounds like a one-sided relationship … but I don’t think it is. I hope Jer doesn’t think so – I will have to ask him to be sure. Suppose he doesn’t even consider himself my friend! (ok stop it!)

🎶 What a friend I have in Jeremy. 🎶

Which, I think, is better than my friend Jesús … cause at least when I talk to Jer, he doesn’t ignore me. (you ever heard of manners, Jesús! God!)


I am confused but I am ok! 🙂 And if I am confusing you, that’s ok too 🙂


I’m watching The Terminal List on Prime. I love military movies/shows. I wanted to be in the military when I was younger; I think the airforce cause I wanted to fly shit. Anypow, I’m glad it didn’t happen. In the field, all my training would go out of my head. I feel, even doing exercises with my teammates wouldn’t prepare me for the real thing because it’s my team, I know I’m not gonna die. That is also why it is good that I never became a cop. 

In either case, I don’t think I would be good at literally facing death every day. I can talk about death and doing bad shit to people, but when faced with my mortality, I may turn out to be a coward. IDK! Or I may surprise myself and not be (as cowardly). lol.

But I hope never to be in a situation where I am fighting a person for my life or running for my life – especially not now. I’m in really very terribly, horribly badly awful shape! (you get the picture?)

Anyhow, I think I could be a racist, homophobic, sexist piece of garbage, ignorant of mental health issues type cop. It doesn’t take courage to abuse your power, beat people up, choke them till they kick the bucket, shoot unarmed persons dead just-cause, or plant evidence and wrongfully convict persons instead of getting off your donut-milkshake-loving arse and doing real investigative work. But I am only speaking for myself.

I’m a bad cop in every sense of the word (to clarify, that’s bad, meaning bad, lousy, lazy, dreadful, disagreeable, etc., NOT bad, meaning good!) I always pull out my gun! Your hands are already up! Doesn’t matter; my gun’s out! And I’m gonna shoot! You’re stupid! Bringing your unarmed self to my impromptu gun fight. I don’t know how to deescalate when all I think about is hate! I serve and protect me! and also … White Supremacy.  

Hark … I hear a poem in the making.

Sam – the Black White Supremacist (like Clayton Bigsby)

And by the way, back to the real Sam … my jacket is never full of metal – I mostly have just only my Line Friends Pangyo wallet, lip balm, random receipts and keys in there.


Instead of drawing, I was reading, now I leave you with a quote from someone who is not on my favourite artist list but maybe he should be. Self-taught and only started painting in his forties

I must learn to draw.

Henri Rousseau

Oh my Jesús! That’s exactly how I feel!

Sleep like you’re not worried about having racist cops executing no-knock warrants in the middle of the night! In other words, sleep like you’re White!

Mon Jul 04, 2022

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