Progress In Place

I spent about an hour researching and coming up with my reorg for keeping my words/ideas in one place. 

I was gonna use OneNote, but Microsoft is unreliable – one minute I can access my stuff on all my devices, and the next, I can’t. I don’t need that, especially when ideas leave my head quickly if I don’t write them down. I’ve lost countless ideas between the shower and my bedroom. 

Google Docs it is! I think I will do one doc a year with a table – I like tables. Now, I’m just going back and collecting info as I remember where to look and I also have a system at my desk and my bedside book – that will stay at my bedside. When I am out, I will use GD and when I am in – I can grab an index card, take one into the bathroom with me, etc.

And sometimes I collect things actually, like that booklet on the NYT, or via pictures – I need to put those in their own album.


When we went to Atlantic City, it was just whatever for me. I’m not a gambler. Food is my game. We all got cards with 18$ on them then dad gave me and Dee 120$ – but we lost everything. Dee’s luck is much better than mine. Dee and I left the casino and went for a boardwalk. I wish we went during the day because there are lots of other things to do but they were all closed.

I missed getting my palm read but at least I know where to buy my ninja gear AND I got to try fried oreos – just whatever. The best part was hanging out with Dee and dancing by the machines. And the saddest part was watching this guy try to get his partner to leave – she was crying because she kept losing and he was begging her, “let’s get outta here.” He ended up going to the ATM to get her more cash. Then she found a machine she liked and stopped crying.

Is it ok to get rich off of someone’s addiction? Loaded question. We have people in bars, who tell us when we’ve had too much/enough to drink and bars close, of course, you can always go drink somewhere else but I don’t think there is anyone in casinos to tell you, “Enough gambling for today. Go home.” (Grammarly does not recognize “gambling” wants to change it to “rambling.” Is gambling a bad word like “fuck” that corrects to “duck?”)

What did you do today?


Dee sent pics of the place – it’s coming along. I drew – I’m proud of myself. And I wished I could draw as quickly as I could write. Because I have a story to tell you, but I want to draw a few pics to go with it. Soon!

Earlier this week, I found The Case for God by Karen Armstrong. But I read it so long ago and knowing what I know now; I might reread it. Maybe. But I feel, she can’t be talking about God of the bible right? But the title is “God” not “a God.” I will have to buy a copy of The Better Book for myself.

Matt decided he wants to learn to play the guitar. Did I ever tell you I used to play the clarinet in elementary school and I was in love with the drummer? I’m thinking about which nursery rhyme/fairytale I wanna prologue/epilogue next … Maybe it will be Cinderella. I will do all the popular ones first.

Mon Jun 27, 2022

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