May 16 – Journal Entry

My Ninja Scroll DVD showed up today. I jumped for joy – literally. Ordered wings and had a movie night with André – Matt wasn’t interested, he’s busy playing Apex Legends.

I don’t understand why anybody in their right mind wouldn’t want to be a ninja – I told André he was crazy. Like who doesn’t want to run across rooftops, sword in hand, ready to fight? I don’t get it!!! Now I have to find the Ninja Scroll series – only 13 episodes, but I want to check it out. Are you tired of hearing me talk about ninjas? Too bad! Maybe I will meet a ninja – hmmm. I wonder what a date night would be like? Shadowdy. Dim lighting, which is appropriate for dinner and other things. I can dig it. lol.

Dog Walker messaged me:

Hey Sam … Still alive?

Yes. I am. (I thought about saying, I’m dead to you!) lol 

Good to hear. Hope you get out to enjoy the sun.

Thanks – you too 🙂

I’m going riding! (Like I care. He has a motorbike that he loves to talk about.)

And that was that! I did not get out to enjoy the sun. I was working. The only break I took was to watch the movie. I had planned to go and pick up my chair today, but I missed the email somehow. I will go tomorrow.

I plan to go to bed right after this, by 11:30 pm – Last night, I pulled an all-nighter. By the time I finished writing, it was 4:30 am – maybe. I was about to go to bed, then I went to get some water and realized I have to feed the fish soon – so I stayed up till 6:30 am. It’s always fun to watch DJ eat. You’d swear I was starving him.  

It’s too late for bubble tea :😭

Feature Photo Credit: @elitrujillom via Twenty20

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