Fire Trucks and Roses are Red

Since stories do not have to rhyme. Do you have the time for listening to a wackily weird dream of mine?
A firetruck crashed headlong into my balcony; but before, it resided on my living room floor. And from where did this firetruck come? If you're looking for an answer, I have none.
After the crash, I discovered doors, open to various holes equipped with ropes. There on my living room floor. Pathways to other galaxies, I hopes! But nopes. One took me to the grocery store. Another, to the office - what a bore. And why would anyone want that kind of hole in their floor?
Finally! I got to the third. Oh, my word! I sang ... like a bird, at the strange beauty of the third. Red roses acquaint the air. All kinds of flowers, everywhere. And do you know the best part? They sent fragrances of: Warm pumpkin pies with pecans for eyes and apple blossom noses. No mouth, I supposes.
Pies mingling with flowers. I had to use all my will powers. Not to pick them out of the sky, but I couldn't help it anymore. Oh my! With pockets of pies and bouquets of flowers, I climbed the rope back to my humble abode.
Quizzically, finding myself where I'm not supposed to be. I looked around. Displeasingly. Now in a grubby subway station where I met my boys Matt and Dre. They were pre-tweens, by the way. Already gambling the day away at slot machines in the subway.
I scolded them for sure. Then tried to get them to move. But they were stuck to their stools. Suddenly the station turned into a train that zoomed off the tracks to an overhead rail. A train. Held up by a rail, as we flew through the air - Queer. A catenary railway in the sky - but why. And we almost fell out of the train, for there were neither windows nor doors. A train in the sky, moving like a rollercoaster. Oh my!
The boys hung on to save their lives. I was concerned about my bouquets and pies. Then I noticed some passengers weren't alive. Mummified and still sitting in their seats. With smiles in their eyes and dimples in their cheeks. Ready kisses on their lips and ears with inserted twigs.
Shortly after, the rollercoaster train came to a halt. Then an enormous water wave washed us out. With screams and shouts, we rode the wave down to the beach. A massive manatee was eating a peach. Or it could have been some other kind of fruit (But peach rhymes with beach - what a hoot).
In a lagoon, an old man taught us how to swim, with baby sea cows and their kin. We had fun until the sun went down. Ready to say our goodbyes but were we in for a surprise! These babies left the water in tow. Walking upright on two feet, don't you know. A fusion of man and manatee.
I woke up with a start. Jumped out of bed. Oh, my heart! Then went looking for doors on my floors.

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