A Not So Straight Line to the ER

Unfortunately, unnaturally, unexpectantly, I did not wake up on a Saturday morning today. Shucks, Charlie Brown! I will try again tomorrow.

Matt has an earache. He tried to unclog his ear earlier today, and something went not right. He said he is feeling better, but something still doesn’t feel right. I couldn’t convince him that it is not an emergency room event. I gave him the number for Telehealth to discuss what’s happening with a registered nurse, but he said he doesn’t like waiting on hold and would prefer to wait in the ER. Ok!

I went outside with him to what I thought was a walk-in clinic, but it’s a pop-up for COVID testing. He decided he didn’t want to wait until tomorrow and is now at the NYGH ER by himself. I didn’t know he still planned to go to the hospital because I only left the house with my phone and keys …

I have a feeling I am not going to hear the last of this one, and it will go down in the canons of Samantha Williams: Worse Mom Ever List of Awful Shit My Shitty Mom Did.

It’s cool, I can, and will have to, live with it.


Drawing straight lines without a T-Square is stressful AF! I need a massage. I know what a T-Ruler is cause I use to want to be an architect. Straight lines suck!

Let’s hope I finish this exercise tomorrow

I am still unpacking Nope. Would you like to Knope why? At this moment, I do not have an answer. 

Tomorrow may not be Saturday, but I will still be an awfully shitty mom.

Mon Jul 25, 2022

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